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By Kezza65

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We have a weed called horsetail in our garden which is taking over, can you please help ?



Oh dear, this is bad news. The roots go down very deep so digging out doesn't get them all. You could try bruising them as much as possible and then spraying with glyphosate weedkiller (without bruising they don't absorb it) You will have to keep redoing it but you should gradually get on top of it. Be especially careful to remove the ones in Spring that have brown knobs on top as these are the fruiting heads that spread spores for new plants.

17 Jul, 2014


Would suggest that you place the fruiting heads in a plastic garbage bag and not in a compost pile if you have one. This plant is a living fossil, it is tough and it's eradication is a long term project.

18 Jul, 2014


Have a look at Kurtail (Kibosh) internet site. Specialist product and gives info on how to get rid of Marestail/Horsetail.

18 Jul, 2014


Hi, Thanks for your comments, will try anything as this weed is horrendous, unfortunately our garden backs on to a field so looks like the weed is coming from there.It spreads like wildfire and impossible to keep up to.

18 Jul, 2014


Yes, the horsetail will be around long after the human race gets rid of itself.

20 Jul, 2014

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