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ID please. Do I need this in my garden? It delivered itself this year.




looks likes some sort of ivy i hope some one else has a better awnser

18 Jul, 2014


Some sort of tree seedling...maybe a Plane or a Poplar. Dig it out before it gets mohasive !!!!!

18 Jul, 2014


Thank you both for answering. Badfish, I think you are right about it being a Poplar! I'll dig it out tomorrow. Pity, as the leaves are lovely but a 150ft Poplar would not be 'poplar' with the other plants in my small garden or my neighbours!

18 Jul, 2014


You could try letting it grow and taking top off when it is as tall as you want it. This might make it bush out more but it worked for me with a self sown ash tree.

18 Jul, 2014


Thanks, Patfran - sadly only just got your message, so Poplar has gone. However, two self sown ash trees appeared last year and I so liked the appearance that I couldn't bear to remove them right away. I have done just what you say and will hope for the best.

23 Jul, 2014

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