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indian bean tree has been happy after eighteen months of being replanted from our old garden, beautiful leaves are now drying out and look very poorly, we did have a wind the other day, would this be the reason



Hi, I would think it probably is, winds are very drying, and 18 months is not very long for it to establish, especially if, like some parts of the country, you have not had much rain, Derek.

19 Jul, 2014


Thanks Derek
Would it be best to cut the dried leaves off.
And do you know how many years before we get a flower and bean

22 Jul, 2014


Hi, you can cut the dead leaves off, or leave them on, the choice is yours, it will probably look better if you take them off, but if you have a tall tree, I wouldn't worry aboutgetting them all off, as for flowering, all I can say is, it will flower when it's ready, flowering time is usually late june july, then the seed pods form, which can grow to 16" and are cylindrical, and stay on the tree all winter,before releasing the seed in spring, btw, the botanical name for this is : Catalpa bignonioides, ( just in case you didn't know), and they grow to about 50 ft high, Derek.

22 Jul, 2014


Thanks Derek

Hope you can get some idea by this pic.

24 Jul, 2014

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