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How can i get my peony to produce more than one flower? Flowers each year but one only!



You must acquire a floriferous hybrid. The peony you have is a one shot deal when it comes to flowering.

20 Jul, 2014


Which peony do you have Sarah, all of our are floriferous and are not hybrids.

20 Jul, 2014


Planting too deep or in shade can cause lack of flowers.
Although mature plants are drought tolerant prolonged periods of drought in spring might also contribute to this.
My Paeonia officinalis lacked flowers so I moved it to a sunnier position and was more careful about the level I planted it at and it has rewarded me well for some years. I watered it well that first year and it took 2 or 3 years to really get going.

20 Jul, 2014


thanks drc, loosestrife and Moong - I've had the plant for too long to know its type,but it did come from a reputable garden centre. I think i will take drc's advice and try moving it plus some TLC, thanks for wise advice


23 Jul, 2014


Yes, I read recently that the most common reason for lack of flowers is too deep planting. Perhaps it just needs raising up.

1 Sep, 2014


Thanks KAren, I can try that now given that it has died down for the year, might move it and raise it....

3 Sep, 2014


I raised one of mine today Sarah. It had a massive ball of lovely roots, but only three stems and no flowers. The new buds for next year are already there, so here's hoping!

3 Sep, 2014

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