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hi once again, bought an arthur bell climbing rose last year liked the read up on it. it has grown well, had some flowers , came and went quite quickly, good gold colour to start soon fading towards white. since the flowers, loads of new growth . what could i replace it with to give me a constant gold flower and a longer flowering season

thanks in anticipation. grandadpic



I'd give it another couple of years if you only bought it last year then it is still a baby. It needs some nurturing to get the best out of it.

What is it growing up/through? You can encourage flowering on climbers by training the stems horizontally along wires, ropes, pergola beams.

20 Jul, 2014


Don't all yellow roses fade, either to white or to off-pink?
Even honeysuckle fades, but I think that's from white to yellow.
There are yellow-flowering tangutica type clematis, having small sturdy flowers from mid-summer to autumn but I don't think they come in huge quantity though.

20 Jul, 2014

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