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By Lilypad

gwent, United Kingdom Gb

I have tried and tried to grow these beauties, I have bought magnificent specimens from the botanical garden of Wales. I plant them in a sunny spot and then they just disappear. I blame the slugs what on earth can I do ? Please advise. Thank you



Which plants are you asking about?

20 Jul, 2014


He! He! Try adding a picture also what are the plants called ;o))

20 Jul, 2014


Hi I was on a page featuring Agapanthus so these are the problem plants for me. I have sown neighbours seeds and they have come up like grass shoots but as soon as they are in the soil they disappear. Even two ft high flowering plants disappear overnight. Help please

21 Jul, 2014


Molluscs (unless you are plagued by rabbits). Happens to ours too. We do not plant Agapanthus out in the garden, instead we put them in pots and put the pots up where, hopefully, they cannot be reached.

21 Jul, 2014


Thank you yes that makes sense I shall try it

21 Jul, 2014

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