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By Samjp

Staffordshire, West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Any chance of some help with ID'ing a plant please. A few years back my nan gave me a plant she had grown from a cutting for my moms garden. She told me it was a spirea. Well, its been in the garden about 3 maybe 4 years now and is enormous. Not convinced its a spirea though. Its also never flowered. Mom's considering getting rid of it, but would like to know what it is first (that way if its going to become a pretty flowering plant she'll probably keep it). I've attached a close up of the leaves and an overall picture below (its planted just behind a big old lilac).

Thanks Sam

Img_2548 Img_2549



It reminds me of goat willow but not sure if it is.

20 Jul, 2014


Hmm, looks like the classic problem of taking a cutting/planting a seed, what comes up is a weed-tree seedling (goat willow, birch, sycamore etc) and you nurture it for years thinking it was the prized plant.
It happens to us all eventually.

21 Jul, 2014


Thanks both, sounds like it could be one for removal then lol. Shame really nans spirea was lovely.

21 Jul, 2014


Hi, my first thought was goat willow, definitely 1 to get rid of, Derek.

21 Jul, 2014


Thanks Derek, I'll let my mom know. Sure she'll happily find something else for the spot.

22 Jul, 2014

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