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Suggestions for. ....The best gardening gloves.....They need to be not to thick as I like to feel what I'm doing but also able to pick some thorns / nettles . I am going through a pair every 2 weeks with weeding. I am wearing out the finger tips and need perhaps re enforced tips .



hi have you tried a pair of rigger gloves i use them all the time you can get them from builders merchants quiet cheaply.good luck.

23 Jul, 2014


I do a lot of mixed heavy and light gardening and without a doubt I would recommend Gold Leaf Soft Touch gloves. They're quite expensive at £20 but I always receive a new pair for Xmas and they generally last well into October or November. Only once have I had to replace them because the tips had worn through.

24 Jul, 2014


Thank you for those ideas......going to check them both out.

24 Jul, 2014


Update. .....
Well I bought the soft touch gold leaf gloves...... £18.75 and they looked super, felt nice snug fit and looked the job - I have managed 2 weeks out of them and little holes are appearing and the fingertips again where I have started wearing them through :-( more suggestions for ones to try please as willing to try any that might help when doing weeding ( sometimes 6 hours a day) - need to get more than a couple of weeks as just get used to them and then they're wrecked. Found Rigger gloves hard to get good fit for feeling weeds with small hands.

16 Aug, 2014

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