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Is it wise move asparagus plants? Would like to re-site them but when is it it best to do this? Will I be able to cut spears in the first year after moving them?



If they have been planted for more than two years it will be an almost impossible job. You could only try it in the dormant season in late winter or early spring.
The trouble you will find is that the long roots will have travelled out a huge distance and it will be very difficult to dig the plants out without breaking off much of the root systems. If they are still young plants then there should be no problem as after all that's all one year crowns are!
It's probably better to start with fresh plants if your existing crowns are several years old.
If you do succeed, I would leave them for a year before harvesting as they will need to build up another extensive root system to replace the broken one.

12 Jun, 2010

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