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Hi Team, what kind of Euphorbia/Spurge is used to treat skin cancer and does it grow in Antigua. Stay cool Tony



Ingenol mebutate is a derivative of the Euphorbia plant. It is synthesized (chemically constructed) in the laboratory. It causes cell death in the superficial layers of the skin and this medicinal gel is used to treat precancerous skin conditions and primary superficial Basel cell carcinomas as an alternative to treatment by excision (cutting out) under CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES. Now I am going to assume something. I am assuming that your interest in this plant derives from a desire for self treatment of a skin cancer. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you treat yourself with the sap of this plant. The sap is extremely irritating and can cause very a bad skin inflammation making a mess out of the area that you are trying to treat. Do not toy around with this plant trying to treat a cancer. It will not work and the delay in getting proper treatment can mean the difference between cure or control and an unnessesary worsening of a cancerous condition. If you have a precancerous or cancerous condition get proper treatment by seeing a dermatologist(a doctor that treats diseases of the skin) or a general physician.

27 Jul, 2014


The important thing with skin cancer in any case is treatment asap before it gets any deeper. Delay is dangerous. There certainly isn't time to start growing euphorbias to treat it yourself even if it was a good idea.

27 Jul, 2014


Thank you Steragram:)!!!

27 Jul, 2014

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