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Trying to identify a medium sized wall shrub possibly a climber. It has gingery brown new growth similar to photiniax Fraserii 'Birmingham' which age to green and a few mature leaves edged white .( Some young leaves are white but look like reversion ). Leaves smooth edged are ovate/ Lancelot and in July is forming small berries similar to a pyracantha but more fleshy. This looks simillar in habit to a Trachleospermum jasminium. This is not an Actinidia Kolomikta or Actinidia Isosa 'aguta' as leaves are not toothed and are smaller than its cultivars. Any ideas please?

Sorry for the delay in uploading pictures

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Have you a picture of it? :o))

27 Jul, 2014


Hi, I think you're right Jent, only now it's Photinia davidiana "palette", I do wish the powers that be would stop renaming everything, Derek.

28 Jul, 2014


Thank you Jent / Derek m I think you have hit the nail on the head, only have one concern in that on looking to verify I note that the berries on the Photinia davidiana "palette", are red ageing to black and the ones on my ident are green to white?

28 Jul, 2014

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