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Hi guys and gals. I need some inspiration. I have recently had my fence replaced it runs approx 100ft down the left hand side of my garden. It is currently a mixture of uneven heavy clay soil with a huge amount of brambles and old roots in it. I am fed up looking at the weeds so have started digging it over, a fence panel at a time. I am digging deep and removing large stones and bits of clay. My initial idea was to prepare this area to seed for grass as the lawn runs right up to it. The soil is so bad I am looking for alternatives. I was thinking wild flowers but this will require the same level of prep for grass seed. Does anyone have any ideas? It gets the sun for most of the day.



Sounds ideal for a buddleia border, they can be bought in all shades of purple thru pink to white, will love the soil, need little maintenance too.

28 Jul, 2014


Possibly one advantage of sowing with grass would be that when (and not if!) brambles reappear (you rarely get all the bits of root out) you can mow them off. This does kill them off if you do it regularly.
You can then use the respite for thinking time and if you decide to improve the ground for planting you can do it a bit at a time when you want to while the rest stays tidy. Sow a fairly tough seed mixture that will survive on the poor soil. Then if you decide to remove it you can bury the sods upside down a spit deep which will get rid of the grass and improve the soil at the same time.

28 Jul, 2014


Some very interesting and unique answers here. Thank you all!

29 Jul, 2014

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