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how long does it take to grow a grape vine from seed



Oh my goodness .....years I would think
and then you maybe wouldn't have a plant the same as the one the seed came from
cuttings would be better

29 Jul, 2014


Most grapevines aren't on their own roots either, various rootstocks are used instead, depending on soil conditions where they'll be growing, so no idea how vigorous or not a seedling might be.

29 Jul, 2014


You can buy vitis (ornamental or otherwise) quite cheaply. A £10 note will buy you a decent established plant.

29 Jul, 2014


It is possible to grow grape vines from seed but they have a very low percentage of the seeds germinating, so plant lots of them. The seeds will need a period of stratification in the fridge to increase the chances of them germinating. Plant them in pots in early spring and if successful they should produce grapes in three years.

30 Jul, 2014

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