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My large Ash Tree has developed large white spotted areas on its bark fairly high up two of the three trunks.What could be causing this? Does not effect growth or leaves these are both as healthy as they have always been for the last13 yrs the tree is much older than this



I would ask a tree surgeon as it mite be dying .

30 Jul, 2014


Google Ash die back......
its a fungal disease that is endangering our ash trees, forestry commission and woodland trust have more info.
I do hope its not that as sadly its usually fatal.

30 Jul, 2014


It won't be ash die back - Chalara fraxinus causes simple die back initially, with a dark, diamond pattern on affected branches. If you hadn't said 'large' white areas, I'd have said it was scale infestation - these produce white fluff, though I guess if there's lots concentrated in an area, from a distance, it might look like a single large area. Google "scale insects on ash tree trunk UK" for images.

30 Jul, 2014


Thanks Bamboo, we have quite a few ash trees and I'ma bit paranoid.......the horsechestnuts better this year, much less mite thankfully!

30 Jul, 2014


Possibly lichen?

30 Jul, 2014


You know thats a good point......some of my trees have lichen

30 Jul, 2014

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