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Can anyone ID this shrub for me I think it had white flowers earlier this year

100_1641 100_1641



Perhaps its a rhododendron, possibly an azalea. Were the flowers big? If there are pointed buds in the middle of the leaf clusters that's what it will be. if not I don't know.

30 Jul, 2014


Looks like a pittosporum....maybe P. tobira. Creamy white, very fragrant flowers.

on the other hand, it looks like a Euphorbia !!!! lol

30 Jul, 2014


Tell you what, wait until it flowers next year and post another photo!

30 Jul, 2014


Are they berries at the bottom centre or is it just my eyesight......again!!

30 Jul, 2014


Well spotted Lynne - rules out my wacky suggestion anyway!

30 Jul, 2014


I still have no idea what it is though!!

30 Jul, 2014


what about a Daphne or a Skimmia

3 Aug, 2014

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