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hi all
my question is about mt Godetia,Clarkia amoena im dead heading and am not sure if to remove the seed pods that are under the flower, please any help will be much appreciated, also the foliage looks a bit brownish and limp but the flowers are lovely and blooming, do i strip the foliage off as well

On plant godetia (Clarkia amoena)



I'm not sure what you're doing whenyou say you're deadheading - the point of this procedure is to stop the fertilised flower from producing a seed pod, so that the plant continues to flower. If you're not taking off the whole flower and its incipient seedpod, then it's a pointless exercise. Nip of any seedpods you can see now, unless you want to allow one or two to ripen so you can collect and sow the seed next year.

If the leaves are actually dead you can take them off, but it sounds as if your plants could do with extra watering.

30 Jul, 2014


You wait until the flower has died though.

30 Jul, 2014


very good advise, its the first time Ive had these and unusually there isn't very much info about them on the net, so i will do them again and take off the seed pods as well as the limp foliage, thanks again both of you

30 Jul, 2014


Have you kept them well watered? If not try watering before finally taking off the limp leaves. I would leave them alone if they were mine.

30 Jul, 2014


So would I, unless they were actually completely brown and crispy - the leaves I mean, not the seedpods.

30 Jul, 2014


I think we have all been feeling rather brown and crispy this week...

30 Jul, 2014


okey dokee, will just take off the seed pods,

30 Jul, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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