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Hi Guys Got some Penstemon Symphony Mixed Plugs. Still in a tray waiting to put into the border.Given Height 12-18 inches seems small. Planting distance is unknown! 8 inches? Wish me luck!!

On plant Plantaginaceae -Penstemon



Hi, 8 inches only allows the plant to spread 4 inches before it starts touching the plant next to it, which will also have spread , so I would allow about 15 inches, Derek.

30 Jul, 2014


If they are only plugs I'd be tempted to pot them on and let them grow a bit before planting out, especially in this weather.

30 Jul, 2014


I should have done x2 on a lot of planting oops....cheers

30 Jul, 2014


Never mind it can all be moved round in autumn - I hope as I got it all wrong this year too.

30 Jul, 2014


Ps are 3-6 inches high now the trays are small. 40 plug trays . Never used b4 . Space savers. Unless s/o treads on them!!

30 Jul, 2014


Cancel the bit about potting on then!

30 Jul, 2014


I'd still pot them up and let them get a root system. I know it is a pain but if you don't then they were a waste of money.

3 Aug, 2014

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