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I have had a large conifer cut down in my garden, and the tree surgeon kindly cut the 18" diameter trunk into 3" thick slices, so I now have a stack of about 20 of them. They have been drying out in my shed over the last few months. I want to make a path out of them by laying them in my lawn. What should I preserve them with to stop them rotting in the ground? I presume they'll need soaking rather than simply brushing? I don't want them painted a different colour, just a clear preservative. Thanks.



its going too be very difficult preserving them without changing there colour , also conifers are really quit full of resin so it would be hard too soak anything in and wood next too dirt always rots . id give up that idea myself sorry .

31 Jul, 2014


They are also likely to be slippery when wet…

31 Jul, 2014

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