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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Blackberries Now ? Surely not !

I didn't think blackberries ripened until late August - September, but have already collected some. Perhaps it's due to the very warm weather we've been having lately ?



Already? Goodness. Some here are beginning to turn red and I thought that was pretty early!

30 Jul, 2014


I noticed lots on the trackside when I was travelling up to Liverpool today on the train. Some of them were already turning black. I think you are right, Hank - it must be the warm, sunny weather.

30 Jul, 2014


The wild ones along our lane are good and ripe, but our cultivated ones are not even close.

30 Jul, 2014


It's been in all the papers... Bumper crop of early Blackberries due to the warm weather. It's the same for all soft fruits and British strawberry farmers are saying it's a good year for them, they have been having a great harvest due to the exceptional weather.

The good news for us as the end consumer of British blackberries and strawberries, is that the amount of fruits available keeps the price down, and I do think that homegrown strawberries taste far better than imported fruits.

30 Jul, 2014


your right hank. same here in ireland

31 Jul, 2014

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