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Can you please tell me why I have no fruit on my kiwi bush. I have a pollinator and in spring there was lots of blossom and bees. The bush is 7 years old. The climate here is always mild and very warm in summer. The plant looks very healthy.



I think that there are male plants and female plants for the kiwi. if this is the case then you might have a male plant in which case you wont get fruit I am afraid.

But if |I'm wrong then some one else might know.

4 Aug, 2014


Thank you but we have two plants, one male and female.

5 Aug, 2014


at points like this we tend to fall back on blaming the weather. perhaps too cold/wet/hot/dry when the fruit should have set. sorry that's not much use I know. ;o)

10 Aug, 2014


Thank you. I think that must be the case.

10 Aug, 2014

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