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cordyline - dry rot?


By Nigel

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

can any one help . This plant has been well this year untill 3 weeks ago when I noticed what i can only describe as dry rot (well thats what it looks like) in the crown. has any one got any idea how to save this plant , bareing in mind i am about 1 or maybe 2 steps up from a total novice at gardening . Thanks .

On plant Cordyline australis




Oh NIgel - sorry to hear your Cordyline is poorly. We bought two of these a couple of years ago, about 12" tall. They're now about 5' tall. They grow so quickly don't they? We also have a Canary Island Palm which has the same symptoms as your Cordy, we believe it got too wet as new fronds were being formed. It looks like a straggly mess now. We're just going to leave it in and hope it makes a recovery. Sorry I can't specifically help with your problem though.

21 Jul, 2008


seams it was pot bound , i decided to put it in the ground but ended up cutting the pot in half to get it out ,but it is definitely looks alot happyer now.

24 Jul, 2008


they can get to much water when the weather warms up if they are not in a well drained soil they will appear to have dry rot will not kill them but is advisable to try to keep water away in hotter months

1 Oct, 2011

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