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When is the best time to prune a container-grown olive tree - and by how much?
It's about four feet high at the moment and I want it to bush out.



Hi, my son bought an Olive tree for my wifes 50th 11 years ago in a pot but as it needed more room I planted it out and it has taken off(see my photo).Now and again I cut it back when it gets too bushy and now it is over 3 mtrs high and still growing up and out ,not many olives but the silvery foliage all year round certainly makes up for it,kind regards, kerryvw.

3 Aug, 2014


Thanks, Kerryvw.

The tree is in a large stone pot and last year produced many small, bullet olives.
I believe that it is best to prune in late summer, in order that the cuts can heal over before the onset of winter. Do you agree?

3 Aug, 2014


There is good advice on the RHS gardening site. Try Googling it - summer seems to be the time to prune.

3 Aug, 2014


Hi Lutleyyeltz,I dont know about right time for pruning,if my tree gets too much growth ,as in the past ,I just cut out what I dont want and it is due another one,dosnt seem to have done it any harm.I am not bothered about harvesting olives as you cant just eat them off the tree,they have to be soaked in a brine solution for weeks. .It offers the birds a perfect year round haven,I have several feeders on it .I also have a green spotlight which illuminates it lovely at night, kerryvw.

4 Aug, 2014


I'll just give it a good chop into shape, then.
Thanks to all for advice,

4 Aug, 2014

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