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Hi all, I have a beautiful Stags Horn Sumach which has gone absolutely berserk, will it cause it too much harm if I clip it back a bit now, or must I wait until next Spring?



Hi, if you prune it now, you may get a lot of soft growth, which could be damaged by frost, I think it would be better left until spring, then you can cut it back to within 2 or 3 buds from the base, if it has sent out a lot of suckers, you can cut these off now, if you don't want them, but right at the bottom, Derek.

5 Aug, 2014


Thanks Derek, that was pretty much as I thought, I did cut it back quite hard in March (nearly cried when I did it), but this year it has grown and grown, hubby says we will need guides to help us find our way down the garden soon!
Thanks again. PW

6 Aug, 2014


If I have the right plant I seem to think they can sucker quite badly

6 Aug, 2014


Hi Pam, no they don't sucker badly, they do it very well :-), they are renowned for it, Derek.

6 Aug, 2014


Lol Derek...... ?

I rememer by Dad having one, beautiful but such a pain, used to come up in his lawn!

6 Aug, 2014


Yes it comes up all over my lawn and next doors lawn, fortunately she doesn't mind too much...phew!

6 Aug, 2014

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