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if i have bugs in my plants like spiders and flies, would it be ok to spray them with the insect spray that we also use for indoor use ?



No! Bugs in your outdoor plants such as spiders and flies is a part of nature. Please educate yourself on the beneficial aspects of spiders and flies in the natural world.

8 Aug, 2014


...then what?

8 Aug, 2014


Actually its my wife I have to educate on that one... She just sprayed all over my plants today without my consent and I was just thinking...

What will happen now, will they all die - the plants... ?

8 Aug, 2014


Always read the label on the insectide container and you will know. What I am trying to get across is that the use of insecticide on outdoor plants must be for a very good reason, example, they are causing great damage to your plants. If you are doing so because you find insects on your plants personally objectionable, that is not a good reason at all from my point of view and in the end they will be back in a few weeks so spraying is just an exercise in futility .

8 Aug, 2014


spiders are your friend and flies do pollinate flowers which keeps us alive . know insects means know plants means know life at all . personally I work with nature rather bying plants that can survive our creatures like snails,slugs and other insects .

8 Aug, 2014


And after you/your wife has sprayed them with poison you are actually going to eat them!

8 Aug, 2014


Now you / your wife has sprayed your food plants with insecticide, you now have poison sprayed all over them.

It may have seeped in through the skin and in to the fruit / vegetables and the poison on the outside may may not just rinse off, now it has dried.

I only use insecticide on plants covered in aphids. Definitely not any food plants. I steer well clear.

Those spiders and flies were beneficial for the plants.

Plus, the insecticide will probably kill any bees or other insects that come to pollinate your plants.

You have made poisoned food and harmed beneficial insects.

That was a very silly thing to do to in my opinion.

8 Aug, 2014


No mention that the bugs were on edible crops - in future TT you need to identify the bugs before spraying and give careful consideration to whether a few bugs are really a problem. Posting pictures on GoY will get you quick ID in most cases.

8 Aug, 2014


luckily it was only flowering plants until I got her stopped, but I lacked the decisive argument ...

8 Aug, 2014


she claimed "but they will infect the other (tomato) plants", standing just beside... well, and so what!? Was my respons...

8 Aug, 2014


Well for starters the spiders catch the flies, its what they dedicate their lives to, so killing spiders is counter productive. Most flies do no harm to plants and neither spiders nor flies "infect" anything. In any case the kind of insects on flowers may not be the kind that like tomato plants. Indiscriminate killing of insects also kills pollinators, and then where would our food crops come from?

8 Aug, 2014


Haa, my mistake. The questioner is Tomatotomato and I just assumed ........................

8 Aug, 2014


Anyway, thank you for your confirmation that flies and spiders should NOT be removed with toxics, either in any other way.

However, in its relevance, after talking to my wife about it again she showed me some other plants, and there was actually an actual attack of "something" that makes the leaves of a flower plant yellow, fading and dying.

The bugs seems to be eating the leaves, sitting underneath, they are green, with transparent wings...

And here it is:

What to do ???

8 Aug, 2014

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