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what is the green stuff growing between my paving slabs and how to kill it.



Dunno, hard to say without seeing it - could be moss or algae, in which case use mosskiller, could be some sort of broadleaf or evergreen weed, glyphosate might work. Or not, depends on what it is.

8 Aug, 2014


If its moss there's a purpose made moss killer spray but it would only be economic for a fairly small area.
Again if its a small area there was a tip on gardeners Question time some time ago - boiling water. this particular panel member said he empties his veg water onto the joints. I guess if you don't use it for stock...
Jeyes fluid if you can stand the smell.

8 Aug, 2014


I just use a line of salt on each joint. Only 25p a packet from supermarkets and once you put it into a salt container, you can merrily get into a pattern and cover an area quite quickly. Works for me. Don't put it near your plants though.

8 Aug, 2014

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