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By Alextb

London, England Eng

Anyone know what could be wrong with my Rosemary?

It is kept watered,and drains freely.

Why is some of my ivy browning?

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looks like sun scorch on the ivy. I think heat from the wall could also be a problem with the Rosemary. especially if they have both been in full sun during the very hot weather.
The rosemary does tend to brown off as they grow. Give it a light trim and see what the new growth comes through like.
likewise remove the brown leaves from the ivy.

9 Aug, 2014


I was thinking heat from the wall as well - it has been so very hot. Might be worth taking a few cuttings, they seem to strike quite easily.

9 Aug, 2014


Thanks to both of you. I will remove brown ivy leaves and give the rosemary a trim, may also take some cuttings.

I rooted a cutting a couple of years ago and planted it for a disabled neighbour, but hers was placed in a south facing position in the ground,and it grew much bigger than mine, because mine is in a pot.

10 Aug, 2014

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