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Is this the most invasive spreader of all time?
When we moved in 22 yrs ago we had a patch 30ft x 12 fr at the bottom of our garden.I got rid of most of it but realised all the root system needs to be taken out to prevent runners. Blinking hard work!!

Now with that area tamed we get runners at the side from next door!. A play area & fence was put in a couple of yrs ago. They left snowberry & ivy under the play mat.........

The snowberry is difficult to fully remove this time as it's between our mature lilac trees & next door's fence. Gap is too small to get a spade in!!

On plant Symphoricarpos



It has taken a fair number of years for the hedge of it on the roadside to be killed off by repeated spraying with Brushwood killer. And last time I looked I am sure that there was some new growth. It certainly is persistent.

10 Aug, 2014


Garden centres actually sell the snowberry & RHS says its stunning berries....

10 Aug, 2014


Don't get me started on things sold by Garden Centres at £15 pounds a time, that I have spent 20 years trying to get rid of!

10 Aug, 2014


Just seen a tv garden prog where they put in Alchemilla grows on my lawn & in the cracks in my paving slabs. They built luxury houses down the road & s.o. put Alchemilla mollis in the front garden.....I keep a tiny bit in mine but hammer it...

10 Aug, 2014


All the same its very pretty with raindrops on the leaves...

Lots of sympathy re the snowberry, having moved a huge patch and discovered a path under it...Pray for new neighbours who will hate it and dig it all up...

10 Aug, 2014


It's a pest here too! I inadvertently dug out a whole hedge of it when I first moved in here. Being totally ignorant to what it was, I just knew I didn't like those white berries. It was winter when I moved here. Although I've eradicated it from my own garden, I still get the runners from the neighbours popping through occasionally.

10 Aug, 2014


As I said nbrs are blissfully unaware/oblivious. The lads put the fence up & left lowgrade soil by my side. They killed a lot of well established plants both sides. At the back membrane is down for a playarea & front has a paved drive.(Its called progress)

11 Aug, 2014

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