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Hi all
These are photos of a plot i am going to site raised beds on
What i would like to ask is which direction i should point them, e.g. lengthwise or width-wise.
The plot measures 5m 30 in length and 3m 20 wide, the photo is taken from the north side of the plot, the boards are 242cm in length and 46cm high and the end boards are 122cm long.
Obviously when the job is completed i will be asking for loads of advice on crop rotation etc!.
Oh any advice on what to fill the beds with would be really appreciated!

Wp_20140811_002_1_ Wp_20140811_003_1_



It looks from your top picture that your greenhouse is west/east facing so I'd put your beds so they are both facing south so they have the same amount of light and sun, ie widthwise. Someone else will come up with a far more technical answer I expect.

11 Aug, 2014


Another suggestion I read is plant your rows E-W so that the sun shines along the rows rather than the back ones being shaded by the front ones.

11 Aug, 2014

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