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By Thecat

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Looking for help. I have a hanging basket which up to a few weeks ago was full of brilliant petunias in full bloom. Now however something is causing the flowers to bloom limp with the majority torn or with holes in them. I suspected earwigs and sprayed with Provado "ultimate" (?) bug spray. I've also watered & fed regularly.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Not sure what is damaging your petunias but if it were me I would cut them hard back and you will find within a very few weeks they will re-grow and bloom beautifully again.

12 Aug, 2014


I agree,they do benefit from cutting back.They should flower for a while yet,if you do..

12 Aug, 2014


Just a thought,when you say,watered well,maybe a little too much? One of my baskets of Petunias,was too wet,and got very limp,and sickly looking,but from all the rain we had..I let it dry out for a while,and it is fine,after trimming back..

12 Aug, 2014


Thanx Bloomer & Johnp. Its not the plant as a whole thats limp but the blooms. I have already thought of cutting it back so may give it a few days then if no improvement give it a chop. Real pity though because it really was gorgeous a few weeks ago. Its tough being a gardener!!

12 Aug, 2014

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