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ID. On this Grasshopper. It's antennae are so long, look at it cleaning one, it hopped on my husband Barry's knee for me to take a macro picture :o)) I can't see any wings? Unless they are tucked neatly away?

On plant Grasshopper

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No they are not tucked away. This grasshopper is close to its final molt where it will become an adult with fully developed wings. Grasshoppers grow by incomplete metamorphosis in which they grow to becoming an adult through a succession of molts keeping their basic form. The period between molts is called an instar. Butterflies on the other hand progress to adult form by going though four completely different life forms namely: egg-larva-pupa-adult. Both grows processes are worth studying further for they are truly miracles of nature. By the way, this grasshopper is a female. The long pair of appendages on the rear are used to dig a hole the the earth for the deposition of her eggs. There are about ten thousand species of grass hoppers so I will shy away from an exact ID.

12 Aug, 2014


could be a green leafhopper,not 100%sure,kerryvw .

12 Aug, 2014


How fascinating Loosestrife - learning loads since joining the site Thank you

13 Aug, 2014


Fabulous photographs.

13 Aug, 2014


BINGO! SNOOPDOG!!! Crickets have long antennae grasshoppers have short ones.

13 Aug, 2014


By Jimminy,you could be right,kerryvw.

13 Aug, 2014


It looks like either Meconema meridionale (Southern oak Bush cricket) - see

or possibly Meconema thalassinum (Oak Bush cricket).

13 Aug, 2014


Whatever it is I want one!!

13 Aug, 2014


Thank You Losestrife & All for your help, we have lots of them hopping about in the garden, there not all that big, I nearly killed this one when I felt it crawling on my arm, luckily I didn't.
Longleaf. I looked at (Oak Bush Cricket) and it is the same as the one I Photographed on my Husbands Knee in the pics above :o))

13 Aug, 2014


Wow Snoop, how could you be so mean???

14 Aug, 2014


I would tell Snoop to Hop It Steragram LOL. :o))

15 Aug, 2014

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