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I am having problems with very slow growth on my begonia million kisses plants.They arrived as plug plants in early May with about 1.5 inches growth .They were put into 4" pots using a john innes compost and are kept in a small (plastic )greenhouse.Since planting they have only grown about 1" .I have tried plants with a feed,without a feed and both in the greenhouse and outside .The plants have actually flowered but there has been very little "vertical " growth .Any suggestions as to how i can promote sufficient growth to put the plants into hanging baskets would be appreciated .

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I find these begonias need quite a long growing period and plenty of warm sunshine. Could I suggest you plant them in your basket and use a mix of JI type compost and multi-purpose....the JI alone might be a bit too heavy a pottng medium. Good luck with them.
PS: I kept one plant in a pot in the greenhouse over winter and it has grow qite well this year...When I planted it out it had quite a few flower buds on...perhaps they will do better for you next year....

18 Jun, 2010

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