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By Racheal

London, United Kingdom Gb

Hi can anyone tell me what this plant is called? Please. It is growing like a mad thing in my friends garden and I would like to put some in my own small patch of soil.




Crocosmia masonorum Recent discussion on it in this thread
Title is My wife

15 Aug, 2014


If you only have a small patch of soil, Rachael, you may well regret introducing this thug.

15 Aug, 2014


there are others which are less invasive, look on google at the various crocosmias available you will see dozens of hybrids which are beautiful and do not cause problems in small places.

15 Aug, 2014


Thank you all for the advice and name of plant. I will check out the options. It looks nice in my friends garden but I must admit it is a large space and he is not a gardener. so he just happy for it to go mad.

15 Aug, 2014


If you type Crocosmias into the search box you'll find a great many pics of different modern varieties that are more attractive than the old fashioned one your friend has.

15 Aug, 2014

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