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By Andrea

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Ideas on what to plant underneath a weeping pear tree. I am in the process of revamping my garden and have dug over a south facing border, part of which is overshadowed by the small tree. I would appreciate any ideas on what to plant under it?




Epimedium or one of the Prunella varieties would be my choice

15 Aug, 2014


Thanks, I take it they are low growing, or do different varieties vary?

15 Aug, 2014


Spring bulbs that will flower before the leaf canopy develops and gives too much shade for most other plants.

15 Aug, 2014


Cyclamen hederifolium, purple or white-flowered, always looks good with weeping pear; gives ivy-leaf ground cover in winter without the world-domination effect you can get from actual ivy!
And how about a clematis to grow through it?

15 Aug, 2014


Some low growing perennial geraniums are OK in shade. A fern or two at the back if its not too dry.
A vigorous and lovely dry ground cover Epimedium is Peralchicum. It slowly spreads to make a carpet of attractive shiny leaves that colour beautifully in spring, with bronzy red shades. It has dainty yellow flowers but its the leaves that are the real winners. I have two other varieties but this one is far and away the best of the three.
Towards the margins of the summer shade you could try pulmonarias - there are some with lovely variegated leaves and the flowers are attractive in spring - try blue ones next to Jack Snipe daffodils! And how about heucheras again on the edges of the shade? The very light ones hate the bright sun.
For later in the year some orange or yellow crocosmias would be OK in the parts that get sun for part of the day.
Also look at Brunnera Maculata Jack Frost.An area of contrasting leaf shapes, heights and colours can be as effective as a bright flower display.

15 Aug, 2014


Many thanks for all these ideas.

15 Aug, 2014


Another related question....Does anyone know the correct way to prune the tree as it seems to becoming very jumbled.

16 Aug, 2014 › Home

16 Aug, 2014

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