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Hi all, am new here,
I want to plant a goldcrest cypress in a container..can any one please advise me what size of a pot I should be looking for. I have a big one that can accommodate three 20kg bags of potting soil.




Hi! Welcome to GOY. I visited Union Hospital in Alberton some years back, no, not as a patient. It's an excellent potted plant. Well, since you have a pot, which can take in 60kgs of soil, the question would be what would be the best size cypress to plant in it. I'm sure the amazingly knowledgable members of GOY will give you an answer to that shortly. Let's see, what size cypress to plant in the pot or what size pot to plant the cypress in?? Hmmmm...?

16 Aug, 2014


welcome from me too.
This is a conundrum . the balance between height of plant to pot is the aesthetics of it. A small plant that has room and time to grow would be my suggestion.

60l pot is a good size but is it a squat pot or a tall narrow one?
could you add a picture of the pot?

16 Aug, 2014


Thanks for the reply, actually my cypress is quite small now, I was wondering if I plant it in the pot will it grow nicely for a good number of years ( Say 5) or will it outgrow the pot very soon. I don't like the idea of planting and transplanting every now and then...and am not sure about the growth rate of this particular cypress...

16 Aug, 2014


Thanks Seaburngirl , my pot is rather tall but not very narrow either. I just planted my cypress in that pot anyway. .. to save it from my puppy before he gets in to it.

16 Aug, 2014


I reckon you can just about get away with it, but I'd straighten it up or it may well start to grow straight up from the tip and will finish up with a bend in the trunk.And why not put a few spring bulbs round it for now to brighten it up later on? Small daffodils would look nice. Or plant the spare soil up with sempervivums to discourage moss growing. A coating of coarse grit would do the same.

Generally speaking it is better to pot on than use a big pot to start with as compost stays in better condition with roots in it. A solution might have been to plant it in a smaller pot and sink that in your large one - it would look the same and potting on would simply involve tipping it out of the pot and popping it into what would be a ready made hole

16 Aug, 2014


Best to find the actual height of this tree when fully grown.

16 Aug, 2014


Many thanks steragram, I was thinking about using some pebbles I have.I didn't think about straightening it,thanks for bringing that up.
Dianebulley, I don't think I have a Wilma goldcrest, label only says
goldcrest,so I assume it is going to get quite tall . I hope it is a slow grower.

17 Aug, 2014

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