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I planted a victoria plum tree a few years ago. The tree grew really well but i have since discovered that there are two typs of tree and fruit. One looks like a victoria plum but the other is very thorny and the fruit is small and bright yellow. What should I do as the two trees appear to be growing together at the base.



Looks like your Victoria is a grafted tree and the other one is the rootstock. You need to find where it is coming from and remove the unwanted growth as close to its point of origin as possible. Any small sprig left will sprout again.

16 Aug, 2014


Yo need to identify which one is growing from the rootstock and remove it as Owdboggy said. This should be easy to see, just look for the point where the tree was grafted. This will be near the bottom of the tree trunk and it will look like a swelling or a bulbous protrusion. Once you have identified the graft, then anything growing below this should be removed.

You need to cut the growth of now. Unlike other fruit trees that are pruned in the winter when they are dormant, plum trees are pruned in the summer to minimise the risk of silver leaf and other fungal infections.

16 Aug, 2014

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