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I have a Calla Lily that came back from last year. It's in a pot. Looks so healthy and I've fertilized it but no flowers. It's so pretty I don't mind but I'm wondering why.




If its the same pot it was in last year, it probably needed repotting, maybe into a larger pot with fresh potting soil. If it was outside all winter (not sure if you have a proper winter or not, don't know your USDA zone) then regrowth would have been mid to late spring - if you overwinter the rhizomes, you usually start them off inside in late winter/early spring, so that flowering can occur before the end of summer. The other thing is, if you've been feeding with a high nitrogen feed, that would persuade more leaves to grow than flowers. But, it may yet flower...

16 Aug, 2014


I did let it die back in my house last winter. I don't think I over fed it, but it's possible. It does have a lot more leaves than it had before. I will try repotting it for next year. Thanks for the feed back.

18 Aug, 2014

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