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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Sorry, capsicums again.

Should my capsicums be this colour ? Should they be larger than this, (4 ins) ? And fatter ? They haven't increased in size for a while. We ate one in a curry and cut one into strips and ate it in a salad - then my daughter turned up, saying they weren't nearly ready yet !
Can someone please help ?




Do you know what the finished colour should be?
There are mini varieties and a range of colours these days
must say my Grill Pepper leaves and fruit are a dark green, fruit just starting to go red.
I feed tomorite twice a week.

17 Aug, 2014


I have a pale green ripe one as well as dark green [staying green] and some that are green but will ripen to orange and red. I also have long sweet [as opposed to hot chilli ] p[eppers thatare mid green long and will turn red.

So if you enjoyed the taste then no worries.

17 Aug, 2014

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