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Seedling growing containers? I have attached a photo of a number of plastic fruit containers I thought would be good for sowing seeds in the spring to put in my utility window. Most of them have holes in them so drainage should be no problem. Anyone got any ideas or experience of using these? Are they any good is the question!




I have used them rather for potting on small quantities as they are a bit deep for seeds - except for things like beans and sweet peas. although there's nothing to stop you filling them only half way up with seed compost.They are also useful for putting over cuttings to maintain a humid atmopsphere with some ventilation.

18 Aug, 2014


They're great but as said above, they're a bit deep. Just put half the amount of compost in.

Basically, any container that can hold soil and you can put holes in for drainage is fine....i use them all the time.

18 Aug, 2014


What a good idea. I used to work in a garden center and the plants I ordered all came in the black plastic pots. I started a lot of plants in them my self. They get so hot in the sun. It seems like clear containers would work better.

18 Aug, 2014


Its best to position them so that sun doesn't shine directly on the pot though - too much light will encourage algae, but I don't suppose it matters much.
If you squeeze up your containers on a gravel tray they tend to keep each other cool and dry out less quickly - and you can water into the tray instead of into the individual pots. Anything to save a bit of work!!

18 Aug, 2014


Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. Will keep them for the spring when I plan to sow cosmos, acquilegia, plum coloured poppies and a few more.

18 Aug, 2014


Hi, you can sow the seed of Aquilegia as soon as they're ripe, which is about now, in your containers, and put them in a cold frame over winter, your poppies, if they're annuals or biennials, should be sown insitu in spring, for perennials sow in containers, and again into a cold frame, but in spring, Derek.

18 Aug, 2014


Agree with all above but I find these containers most useful for taking cuttings put them round the edges and you can see when roots start growing

18 Aug, 2014


Thanks Derek. Will get sowing then. I don't have a cold frame so will cool and in winter cold utility do?

18 Aug, 2014


Hi, they should be ok, if there is enough light, if not you could put them outside during the day, and just put them in the utility room at night, cold wouldn't bother them, but not enough light, and they will get drawn and leggy, Derek.

19 Aug, 2014


Ok. Thanks Derekm. Much appreciated.

20 Aug, 2014


Person after my own heart.I use these plus the hinged lid ones which act like mini greenhouses.The bigger ones,without drainholes, I use to sit my Box plants, which are in 6"pots,in.I am creating a Box hedge above a fence panel at the rear of my garden(see my photos).I find that sometimes you water in the top and it runs out the bottom.Behind this panel I have some of my Winter/ Spring stock all sat in these containers.What I have kept over the years are the old washing up bowls which are ideal for standing container,hanging baskets in to give them a good soaking. Talking of hanging baskets before planting them up I put in the bottom the round type,these act as little reservoirs.Although some liners are latex treated I find these keep them from drying out. The larger ones ,like Steragram ,I use to put the seedling/cutting ones in and top up with water whenever, perfect example of recycling,kerryvw.

21 Aug, 2014

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