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why do starlings rip up my lawn



They are looking for tasty leatherjackets (daddy long legs) and other grubs.

19 Aug, 2014


Either leatherjackets or chafer grubs, hopefully the former. Water a patch of grass and lay a sheet of plastic (preferably black) over it at dusk, then remove it first thing in the morning - if its leatherjackets, you should see the grubs on the top of the grass. There is a nematode treatment to kill them in grass (one of the Nemesys range) but the temperature has to be a minimum of 12 deg C (at night) for it to be effective, so by the look of the weather forecast, probably best to wait for things to warm up a bit.

19 Aug, 2014


This seems to happen to mine each year for a few days in August, will soon be over.

21 Aug, 2014

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