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My Kalmia flowered earlier but the tips went brown to black in some places and leaves are going brown & dropping off. The soils is ok & I water when dry. Can't remember if its evergreen or not but is seems to be on shut down

On plant Kalmia latifolia



How long have you had the plant?

20 Aug, 2014


I had it next to a Rho for 20 yrs & it was really really overshadowed so I moved it.....leaves were glossy & it flowered but suddenly problems came

21 Aug, 2014


When did you move it? If you moved it this year, it will have needed a good soaking with a couple of gallons a water a week at least, more often when it was very hot. When you move a mature shrub, its always a risk - best moved in winter when they're dormant, with as huge a rootball as you can get, but some root damage is inevitable, particularly to the water seeking parts. If its still alive, keep it well watered up to winter.

21 Aug, 2014


It was cramped & when I moved it late spring I noticed there was hardly any root system....a risk too far? As I said I cant remember if its evergreen or deciduous

21 Aug, 2014


Evergreen, I'm afraid.

22 Aug, 2014

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