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My magnolia tree has flowered in Sept as well as May for the last few years - only a few flowers in Sept but seem to be increasing. Is this usual?



It is quite usual, esp for some varieties of Magnolia.

21 Aug, 2014


My magnolia soulangia does this too. Mine is a very large tree. I find flowers a second time when the weather is very warm later on in the year. Hope this helps.

23 Aug, 2014


Thanks very much for your comments/help - I think the variety is soulangia too. Am a bit disappointed that it is quite usual (botanic) as I wanted it to be special! The magnolia was already well established here when we moved in about 16 yrs ago but only started to flower again in Sept about 10 yrs ago and started with 1 flower and now has lots. ( Still like to think its just special....) Thanks again.

24 Aug, 2014

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