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Hostas looked good when they were in flower but today I cut the flower spikes off and all the leaves have been eaten so should I cut them back now or just leave them to die back naturally and I want to split them so do I do it now or wait till spring when the new shoots appear (which is when I done them last year ) lots of questions but know I know someone will help , thank you .

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I would leave them till frosts kills off the leaves. I have seen a lot worse eaten Hosta! Yours are not that bad.

22 Aug, 2014


Mine look like that now K'gran, I always let mine die down naturally then pop them in a sheltered spot for the winter months.....

22 Aug, 2014


late autumn to mid spring is the best time to divide, so not quite now.

23 Aug, 2014


Thank you all the advice I needed .

23 Aug, 2014


To prevent munchkins getting at mine I have put them in fence mounted containers(see my photos)and very successful it is to.When they start to look past their best I take them down and cut them right back and if I think they need splitting, I tip them, out ,put a spade through them and repot them, ready for next year.I personally feel that leaving them delays the inevitable,their not going to get any better are they?So I am not left with a void I put up my winter ones already planted with Lemon Beauty box,Pigface,variegated Hebe and crocuses.If splitting up in Spring works for you, stick with it,kerryvw.

25 Aug, 2014

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