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Brugmansia,s not flowering.
I have over 20 Brugmansias, grown in four 15" square, by 3ft long troughs ,facing due south which are now 4ft tall but not a single flower.Have been fed and watered, what have I done wrong?



I don't think you've done anything wrong, both my parent and offspring have done nothing this year. the parent got savaged by slugs or snails, it keeps trying to shoot but I can't find what is doing all the munching,not sure if it will survive,but will give it the winter to see.
the cuttings started well,but seemed to get an early summer check,they look healthy at 3ft tall but no sign of flowers. what I did notice was the early growth did not produce the flush of large leaves they start off with?
funny year again, the wind caused lots of probs for me this season, will persevere though.

24 Aug, 2014


Many thanks ,I am pleased its not me. I will cut them back and put them away for the winter and try again next year. Thanks Kev

25 Aug, 2014

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