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I have a lot of weeds & moss in my lawn but can't use weed killer because of Pebbles my Shih tzu dog, does anyone know of a safe remedy?
Haven't a pic of the grass but have one of Pebbles LOL




What a doll! Do what I do. Cut the grass close to the ground. Ten paces away it looks like a green lawn anyway no matter what's growing on it. I have three pomerainians and I never use herbicides or pesticides for anything. If it needs to grow or keep appearances with either of those poisons, then the heck with it.

23 Aug, 2014


Use correctly diluted Verdone 2 for weed control, use a correctly diluted liquid mosskiller, keep the dog off the grass until its dry, after which the treatments won't cause him any harm. Means you need a weedkiller watering can, or one kept for only that purpose, and you will have to mix up and walk slowly all over the lawn with the mixture. If the lawn isn't large, that might not be too onerous, but with a larger lawn, not so easy. Or do as Loosestrife does -

23 Aug, 2014


Grass looks so much better with flowers in it don't you think?

23 Aug, 2014


Thanks for your info, Pebbles will have to go and Pee in the front garden when I sort the weeds out LOL, plus more walkies LOL.

24 Aug, 2014

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