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By Dralloc

I have a small Fig tree in my garden which is absolutely full of
fruit. I have attached a few photos. The problem is that they never
seem to get big enough and ripe enough to eat. I think that the tree
starts producing fruit too late before it gets cold again. Do you have
any ideas so that we can eat our own figs.

Img_6232 Img_6228 Img_6234



I think that that in order to get ripened fruit you will have to take it out of the pot and if possible plant it in the ground in order for it to get bigger and mature. Are you wrapping this tree to prepare it for the cold or are you bringing it indoors?

23 Aug, 2014


I have one in a large pot and it produces fruit every year. Plenty of water and weekly tomato food is all I do with it, apart from cutting it back when it gets too big. This year I didn't give it enough water in spring and many of the figs fell off so only a small harvest this year.

23 Aug, 2014


Hi, welcome to GoY, I agree with Loosestrife, it will better off planted in the ground, Ficus carica, common fig, are fully hardy, although better kept out of cold winds, you can leave any small unripened fruit on the tree over winter, they willcarry on growing next year, and ripen earlier than fruit produced next year.
The foliage of F carica can cause photo-dermatitis, and it's sap may irritate the eyes, Derek.

23 Aug, 2014


I had the same issue, but it is in a large pot now and I moved it into the greenhouse last winter and covered. I had lots of fruit start last year, and they managed to stay on it for this summer, as soon as they started growing I watered and fed to fill them out.. Out of about 15 fruits I had 3 figs I could eat this year (the first time ever!) , the rest remained small and fell off but the edible ones were perfect - absolutely sweet!... Its now produced some more small ones which I think will come next year.. there's lots to google on figs. I shall be looking up how to get the most out of my fig tree for next year. (it was a 99p plant from wilko;s about 5 years ago!)

23 Aug, 2014


Sorry DerekM but I have to disagree. How do I manage then to have 2 dozen plus fruit on my potted fig?
After a few duff years I realised that in order to stop the babies falling off, one has to water water water. I didn't take my own advice this year and last year's fruit fell off. In order to keep the overwintered ones, one needs to give lots and lots of water in spring.
Many folk don't have room for a mature fig in the ground, including me. When I was given the plant I was advised to either keep it in a pot or restrict the roots if planted in the ground.

24 Aug, 2014


Hi, sorry Merlinbabydoc, but wher did I say anything about not getting any fruit, if planted in a pot ?, I think it would be better planted in the ground, and it would not need as much watering as a pot.
I had a fig tree for quite a few years, planted in the ground, without root restriction, and it did quite well keeping the fruits through winter, Derek.

24 Aug, 2014

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