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I bought a passion flower earlier in the season. It is in a large pot - about 16" - and has grown prolifically. It looks very healthy with glossy leaves, but it has not flowered. Is this normal for its first year? If not, is
there anything I should do next year to encourage flowering?

I understand it will die down in the winter. Should I cut it back, and what is the best way to overwinter it?



I have one growing up the trellis that separates the dogrun from the rest of our garden, its been in the ground for 3yrs now, the dogs broke it completely down last year and I expected to lose it but in actual fact it did it good Melchi, it sprouted lots more stems from the ground and has gone absolutely mad as regards growth, is covered in flowers with loads more still to open, so I guess the accidental pruning of mine gave it a boost, it wasn't showing any signs of flowering last year, not sure of the actual pruning recommendation but sure someone will tell us...

23 Aug, 2014


Thanks for that, Lincslass. I am interested to find out how hardy it is. I don't think I have a suitable place for it in the ground, so I hope it'll be ok in a pot, even if I have to get a larger one.

23 Aug, 2014


Melchi I to bought one at the start of the season but planted in ground.

And it bloomed 1 large flower for me.

Still looking healthy but no blooms.

I had one many years ago but it never overwintered.

So this one is planted in a more sheltered space ,I am going to take a chance and leave it.

Good luck.

23 Aug, 2014


Thanks, Kath. I'm thinking of cutting it back and moving it into the cold greenhouse for the winter. We shall see...

23 Aug, 2014

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