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I grew holyhocks from seed and they were all really healthy plants when I put them into the garden, now some of them have outer leaves and stems wilting although the centre is still looking good. Also I have noticed that I seem to have a lot of ants in my borders, are they harmful.



Ants are usually ok as they are eating things you dont want. Unless they have a nest in the roots. HH can be prone to diseases rust, mildew, rust has affected mine (easy to spot sort of orangey/rusty looking leaves) I spray them with a fungicide and remove the rusty looking leaves. In the autumn I make sure there is no debrie left around them

15 Jun, 2010


Ants may also be a symptom of a bad aphid infestation, Maya. I would look closely at the stems and undersides of the new leaves.

16 Jun, 2010

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