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By Maura

Hello, can anyone suggest which, easy to use, phd soil tester kit I should purchase. I have recently moved to West Yorkshire, my new back garden has been very neglect, hence it has been fully re-designed, leaving me with a whole new challenge, what to do next!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Following a question a few days ago there are soil testers on Amazon for under £3. Or you can go the whole way and get one of the chemical kits that probably cost £10or more but give more reliable results.
A good guide is to see what is already growing (even if you intend to pull it out) to give you an idea of what may be happy in the future.

24 Aug, 2014


The metres are good if you just want to check pH but if you want to test for everything any of the chemical testers in garden centres will do the job.

24 Aug, 2014


I once read that studying which wild flowers grow in a garden is a good guide. Buttercups mean good soil etc.
Must be a guide to this on the internet.

25 Aug, 2014


Wish somebody would tell that to the buttercups on our back lawn...

25 Aug, 2014

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