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ID. Saw this in the hedgerow in North Staffs this afternoon. Lots of it along about half a mile of roadside - no obvious crops in fields (cow and sheep country). Flowers are big - you can tell from the barbed wire - and shades of pink.
Approx 3ft height - not stinging!




Himalayan balsam. An alien that is invading our river banks and other places.

24 Aug, 2014


Yup a shrub that needs to be eradicated. Yet another escapee from the 'big' gardens. Brought in by the plant hunters who had no idea how it would take over... Hence the strict er rules these days.

24 Aug, 2014


Thanks - not seen it before and it was quite prolific in a very small area.

25 Aug, 2014


It is extremely prolific, therein lies the problem.

25 Aug, 2014


Just been reading up on it - probably left growing where it was because there's a stream alongside and so chemical treatment would be a problem. One of the bits of literature was also going on about control by grazing by sheep and cattle from April so another reason why it wouldn't be sprayed.

25 Aug, 2014

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