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stones or flags in garden



I'm sorry, Doddy, but what is it you wanted to know about them?

16 Jun, 2010


sorry not very clear , i got lot of old flags, steps up to frount door, flags round the side an back, cant afford to renew flags so was thinking maybe stones instead? cant make mind up ,lol will prob leave till last,

16 Jun, 2010


So, you have flagstone paths around the garden that are falling apart, and you want to replace them with gravel paths? Shouldn't be too hard, though you'll want some kind of edging to keep the stones out of your garden, and vice versa. Maybe you can break up some of the flags for that purpose, saving the best for critical areas like the steps, or other areas that would need a hard surface. Be sure that any flags you have to reset have a base of crushed stone, rather than sand, since sand tends to "flow" a little too well, and will lead to more cracked flags. Have fun with your project!

16 Jun, 2010


Lawsy! Doddy, I just now saw your previous post, And my answer now looks like pure gibberish. Sorry, but "flags" around here are another item altogether.

As for what you do have, it sounds to me like the best advice is to just let them weather. You can make them darker by spraying with iron sulfate (yellow-orange-red-brown shades) or manganese sulfate (honey-tan-burnt umber shades). That usually winds up somewhat mottled. Another possibility is to have them sandblasted, which will soften the edges and expose the aggregate, graying the color somewhat. I hope this helps more!

16 Jun, 2010


If replacing steps/flags just remember the anti slip ones are a good idea? Why not just pressure clean the flags and see if they improve?

16 Jun, 2010


thanks so much for all you suggestions, not bin on this site long, its so good and friendly thanks everyone, all suggetions took on board
take care everyone

16 Jun, 2010

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